Lost a good friend, I never met

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Last night when I went on Facebook, I saw a message from Glenna Ross's daughter saying that she had passed away. The tears immediately started running down my face. Although we never met, she has been such a support for me since my husband, Tom passed away 2 years ago. She was fighting her battle with lung cancer, but yet had so much encouragement to give us on this site and also on Facebook. It's funny how we felt like we had been friends for a long time. I will never forget how she helped me make it through my loss.
REST IN PEACE GLENNA! If you see my "Tom", give him a hug for me. Friends always, Carole


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    Friendship comes in many different ways. I just visited with some friends that I only see about once every year or so, and yet we seem to pick up where we left off. They are as close as some friends I live near and see regularly. We, too, keep in touch on Facebook and through emails. I feel your loss. Fay
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    For many years of my life I
    For many years of my life I had pen friends, I live in Australia and I had a friend in England. Her name was Rose Gilbert, I used to call her Rosie. We must have written for about 10 yrs. She had lots and lots of medical things wrong with her, she finally died 8 years ago, we never physically met, but I loved that lady as if she was my sister. After she died her husband sent me a little gift that belonged to her that she has especially wanted me to have. I'll love my Rosie till the day I die...