Just talked to Lisha's husband...

Hi guys,
I called Lisha's home at 1:00 today(Pacific time) and talked to her husband Keith. Lisha is home...released from the hospital yesterday. Keith said she has been sleeping and he hasn't been able to get her to stay awake for any length of time. His words..quote.."not good". I told him the group was concerned and just wanted to know if she was alright. He said he would call if her conditioned changed. It was a brief conversation as I didn't want to pry or take up his time. I'm sure when Lisha feels up to it she will contact us....I'm going to guess that she is probably on some heavy duty pain meds which is why she is sleeping so much. So...thats all I know. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Sunny and warm here. Love...Sue


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    Thank you Sue
    Thank you Sue for letting us know! I will pray for our dear friend Lisha that she starts feeling better soon. (((Hugs)))

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    Thank you, Sue
    Thank you, Sue!

    Hopefully she'll be be feeling better and alert soon.

    Hugs Lisha. We're thinking of you.

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    Feeling Better Soon
    I finally got on the site.Been having a problem with getting on lately.Just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon and thanks to Sue for posting. John
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    Thanks Sue
    Dearest Sue,

    Thank you so much for keeping all of us updated on Lisha. I have no idea what Keith means by "Not Good"?? I suppose Lisha needs more time to heal. Today is Sunday, her fifth day
    from surgery. I am sure the hospital wouldn't of released her if they thought she wasn't
    ready. Since Lisha had major surgery, her body needs time to heal. Rest and more rest is
    the best medicine.

    I will continue to pray for her and look forward to a future post from her.

    Lucky you Sue, sunshine and warm. It is so miserable here in New York. Rain, and more rain.
    Hot and humid also.

    Love from Maggie
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    Hospital stay
    Sue, I just re-read your post about Lisha. I some how missed your sentence about Lisha's
    release date from the hospital. Lisha did have major surgery on Tuesday. and then went
    home on Friday. Hmmmm, too soon?? Now I can fully understand why Keith said "Not Good".
    I am so sorry for Keith, he must be so scared seeing her like this.

    I am not a doctor. I just had to give my opinion. Lisha needs more time to heal. Hopefully a nurse is coming by everyday to check her wounds and condition. This is usually done.

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    Thanks for the update Sue, praying all is well with Lisha...