Foods for early post surgery. I know it's been discussed before

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I am struggling with what I can be eating at this point. My esphogetomy was 7 weeks ago. My withdrawal from the feeding tube was delayed first because my stomach was in rough shape from the chem and radiation, then I developed the neck fistula. I Was just given permission to stop the feeding tube altogether. I have a list of soft foods I can eat but I'm not sure how long I have to wait before I expand that. Lunch choices are hard for me since I am a sandwich type of person.

I seem to have indigestion almost every days particularly in the evening. 2% milk seems to upst my stomach.

Looking for suggestions please. Thanks


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    I'm not sure how long you
    I'm not sure how long you need to be on soft food or expand the options. I think that would be a question for your surgeon. As for milk upsetting your stomach after my surgery I've been drinking soy milk exclusively. It is higher in protein to help battle weight loss and help speed recovery/healing. I haven't had any issues with it upsetting my stomach. Best wishes and continued good health.

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    UPMC diet

    The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a major cancer center where many esophagectomies are performed. I had my MIE at Mass General Hospital in Boston, but my surgeon trained at UPMC and his staff had me follow the diet described in this link:

    I had no problems with diet and am now eating pretty much everything I ate before my surgery, just not as much at a sitting. I agree with Dave that your surgeon should give you guidance in this important component of your recovery, but I think this diet would be a good place to start.

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