Merkel Cell Carcanoma

I have Mekel Cell cancer; this was found in the lymph nodes last November. I have found four other Viet Nam Vets with the same cancer. How many other Viet Nam Vets exposed to agent orange are out there have this cancer? The VA is saying it is not on thier list so no compensation is allowed. Merkel cell is a rare cancer and finding four other vets that have been infected the odds are very high.

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    Try looking in here

    The VA does not list Merkel Cell cancer as connected to Agent Orange, but that does not mean you can not place a claim and fight it. I just did a quick search on the VA site. There are some claims in there. Scroll down to the bottom of each claim to see the results.

    This is the only one that I could find that actually was Granted.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here
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    merkel cell cancer
    My late Marine husband had 3 tours of Vietnam and died of Merkel Cell Cancer. I have been denied survivor benefits before it is not on the list of Agent Orange diseases.
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    my brother has metastatic merkel cell

    My brother was diagnosed with metastatic merkel cell carcinoma.  He was a combat medic and was in the field every day.  It is in his lymph node, pelvis, and lung.  He had to quit work.  He applied for disability with the VA, and even his oncologist stated Agent orange may have caused merkel cell....they denied him saying it was not on the list.  His name is Ebb Thomas...We are at a loss for them to deny this.  He was in Viet Nam starting in 1968

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    Have you had any luck with

    Have you had any luck with the VA accepting merkel ...My brother has metastatic merkel cell carcinoma.  They have denied once and we have reapplied for them to reconsider.


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    Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    My husband passed away in May 2010 of Merkel Cell Carcinoma and just wondering if anyone has found any information regarding the connection of this cancer to Agent Orange. My husgand was 100% disabled and receiving benefits from VA due to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Diabetes and other things related to his exposure to Agent Orange and I just know this was caused by this chemical also but VA says no. He has 2 tours in Vietnam, gave all to his country and lost his life from exposure and I lost the most loving husband I could have ever ask for. I was denied DIC benefits and they have also denied me the use of his VA loan.

    Just reaching out to see if anyone has any new info regarding the relation of Merkel Cell Carcinoma to Agent Orange.

    Thx in advance to anyone who can offer information.

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    Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    Well, I'm stage 4 Merkel Cell Carcinoma and from what I can see here, I'm screwed by the VA. I was told by one of my Doc's that it was not service connected, he is a former skimmer (surface navy) so I was taking it with a grain of salt, considering that the atmosphere on the subs I served had to be constantly monitored and the air cleaned and reused otherwise it could prove to be hazardous to ones health. At the moment I've had 2 surgeries, one late last year and one around Sept this year, from forhead to collerbone. I'm on my second round of radiation, and the insurance would not approve (Bc?BS) any immunothearpy, but one of my Oncology docs pushed thru to Keytruda to have it approved as a hardship so I'm getting it for free. Also that same doctor said Chemothearpy won't help. so not doing that. I guess I should apply to Social Security? But I'm only going on 63 this December?! I'm still working, but damn, I'm not sure how long I have left.....

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    My dad is a Merkel survivor, Vietnam vet

    He asked me to share this link