psa doubling every 4 weeks

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Hello again. 2010 has gleason score of 9 . prostate was removed and so was the gland . nothing in the lymps. cancer broke through the prostate. later that year had a posititve psa.2011 went for radiation in oct. 2012 jan. psa .02. May 1.1. going back this sept. and they expect it to be 4.something. what are some of the experiences of harmone therapy.thanks for the help.


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    it hurts. That is just my opinion. Others here have no problems. I believe that the better shape, both eating and physical, you are in will play a big roll in how you do. There are several different types of HT. mine is given monthly. Lupron is given three to six months. Ralph is on Zytiga and I am not sure howoften he gets it.

    I have bad side effects from mine, calles Deglaserix or something like that. .some people have no side effects. Just depends. I quit after my second shot. Doc and I had a talk and am now back on it. Just had my second shot, since quitting, today. My PSA, which does not work, went from .034, or something to 0.000 I even posted and said it does not work so what does it mean. Well humble pie works, Onc came back and told me my metastic cancer in lungs , the nodules had disappeared, had 12 sessions of Radiosurgery and twoof HT. we both know it is comingmback. I have my CT scans mext month. Most of us get them every three months because when it comes back again it is coming fast and hard. I believe that as many CT scans, MRI scans, and a few x-rays that I could light up a city if we could harness it, but no such luck. So these sessions that I have had cause cancer, gorilla that no one talks about. I get my scans everynthree months, and depending on pain is when I get my MRI.
    HT is a lifesaver when the surgery fails. Research works. Post where you are and ask for suggestions on Onc's. Proactive works. Just make sure it is an Oncologist. I, personally, feel that Urologists are off the case once they get the prostate. Just me.