Post esophagectomy was a success but cancer found in lymph nodes.

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Hello everybody,

I'm new to these discussion boards, I've been looking around the internet for a while now with people who have or know's someone whith this terrible disease. I'm glad to have found this community and I look forward to supporting each other through these tough times.

My name is Jeffrey sipin and my Father who is 57 was diagnosed with stage III Esophageal Cancer back in January of 2012. He's been through 5 rounds of chemo and radiation back in February and it was able to shrink his tumor down to a considerable size even though I'm not to fond of this kind of therapy.

Finally on July 13, 2012 he underwent an Esophagectomy. The initial surgery was a success, however he's going through some minimal complications at the moment. My worry now is that cancer was found in his lymph nodes located close to his lungs and I was wondering if Chemo would be the best road for this. It's worked before but like I said I'm not to fond this kind of therapy. I know my father does not want to go down that road again either. So I just want to know what everbody thinks about this?

I was doing extensive research on the effects of Chemotherapy and the stories I read usually have no happy ending. I know that Ever-body will react differently to this therapy but I was hoping that there's an alternative out there. Please share your thoughts on this as well. Thanks Everybody!!