Hi Everybody! It's been awhile!

Chris Ptown
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Hope everybody is doing very well. I had another DRE in May and it was all clear of cancer but i did have two hemmroids and a small ulcer probably caused by the radiation. I had a colonoscopy in April and it was clear. I go back for another DRE in October. I really hope all of you are doing well and to those of you who are new all I can say is that as scary as this all is there are so many wonderful people on here who give you so much support.

Those of you who know me know my mum has stage 4 lung cancer. They put her on a chemo pill last month that caused a lot of outbreak and irritation in her hands and face. Her hands hurt so much that the doctor took her off it two weeks ago. He said the only option now is another chemo pill that he says would give her severe side effects. He said she would lose all her hair and the outbreaks would be more severe. He said she would be miserable. I was hoping that the last chemo pill would help but the tumor grew a little but he said it wasn't significant of a growth. I also asked my sister why if there were no fluids and the cancer hasnt spread why they cant remove the lung that has the tumor. My sister said they asked the doctor in the beginning and he said the surgery would probably kill her at her age which is 79. All this time, since she was diagnosed last August, she has never gotten a second opinon. She likes her doctor and he confers with other oncologists at Maine Medical in Portland, Maine. He also told her he confers with oncologists in Boston. I still wish she would go see someone else.

So, just wanted to check with you. Take care all!



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    Hi Chris!
    Good to see you

    Hi Chris!

    Good to see you again. I remember you went through treatment roughly the same time I was finishing up.

    Glad you are doing well! Doesn't it feel good to feel good? Oh, there are some days that are a bit frustrating, but nothing like before.
    I, too, had a colonoscopy earlier this month and it was clean...what a terrific feeling.

    I am so sorry about your mom. What an awful reaction to chemo. she must have a lot of confidence and faith in her primary since she won't seek a second opinion, or maybe she has her own reasons. It's probably no use forcing the issue, she probably wouldn't believe anyone else anyway.

    Unlike you, I still have my port! No one has said anything about it and I mostly ignore it. Maybe I feel like it's my talisman, keeping the bad things away for now. I'll get it out at some point, maybe the anniversary of when it went in.

    Anyway, good to know you are doing well. Check in with us when you can. I look around frequently, don't want to forget those who were so willing to share helpful hints and lift me up when I was down. The people here are my angels.


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    Hi Chris!
    It's good to hear from you again. I'm glad you are doing well and your exams have given you the all clear! I hope you'll always get such great news! I am, however, sorry to hear about your mom and that she has not tolerated the chemo well. Like my elderly mom, she is probably hesitant to seek an opinion from another doctor, as people their age tend to trust their doctors and never question them. I tried for years to get my mom to change doctors, but she never would. I think all you can do at this point is support her and love her but I know it's hard seeing a loved one be sick and feel that your hands are tied. Take good care of yourself so you can be there for her.