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We met with dr orringer 7/19,our 43 anniversery. He gave us areat present. He said I am now tomono,ned. He even said the cured word.Had a chest exray and it looked great. I feel good still tring to learn how to eat. Im almost embadessed to say such good news ,when so many are fighting so hard.I feel so blessed I pray for everyone fighting this beast and hope for good news for everyone. phil& Dianne FEC


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    Wonderful News

    It is great to hear that you are recovering well from surgery and great to hear NED!!

    Getting used to your new plumbing will take a while but you will soon find yourself able to eat pretty much what you want, just a little less each time. Congratulations on your recovery and your good results!!!

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
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    Phil, It is so good to hear
    Phil, It is so good to hear that your surgery went so well and that Orringer used the term cured. Don't feel embarrassed. Feel blessed. You are the shining example of what is possible with early detection and good treatment options and great surgeons. We all need to hear success stories. They give hope and help keep spirits up and give encouragement.

    Getting used to the eating takes a little time but before you know it you will be eating without giving it a second thought. Although with the resultant weight loss post surgery I've had to get a whole new wardrobe. Believe me the weight loss isn't due to lack of eating.

    It is ironic but, I had a surgeon who trained at the U of M, Mike Mulligan, and I had a similar outcome as you.

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    I know how you feel about
    I know how you feel about being embarassed about sharing the good news, but don't be . We all need to share the good stories. At first we all think EC is a death sentence. There is more and more success in fighting EC, and we do need to give hope to the newly diagnosed.
    So glad you are NED. You will adjust to your new way of eating. I, like Paul, eat pretty normal now. Most of the time I eat less, but probably more than I should.

    Praying for you, Sandra
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    Great News...
    Those of us who aren't candidates for surgery are joyful and uplifted when any of our fellow travelers have good results and end with NED. Good on you, mate. Keep it up.

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    Hot Diggity Dog!!!!! Team a1phil scored!
    Phil & Dianne:

    Thank you God for watching over Phil and Dianne and blessing them with what is probably their finest anniversary gift ever!!!!

    Phil and Dianne:
    Don't ever, ever, ever be embarrassed - ROCK OUT WITH YOUR _ _ _ _ OUT!!!! This is exactly what you fought for and you went through hell to get here. Every one of us on this board get smile BIG smiles when we get to read this kind of news (you know that yourself). To me when I read your news I feel like we all can celebrate a victory - and one of the team scored and truly did FEC!!!

    We could not be happier for you - on July 19, 2012, another warrior won this freakin battle. Battle by battle - we will win the war. Congratulations to you, Dianne, your treatment oncs and Dr. Orringer - well played team!!

    In some ways EC is a war - when we lose a warrior, we mourn and our hearts ache for their loved ones - but when a warrior 'comes home from the war' we are thankful and relieved and happy and we're happy you are home! You are going to be a great help to the newbies that come here.

    FEC 23 hours a day (gotta have happy hour once a day!)

    Love, hugs and FEC,
    Judy and Don