Foods you can't eat

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Just wondering how having anal cancer has affected your diet post-treatment?

Many of the foods I once enjoyed no longer agree with me. Some examples...peanut butter (boo hoo), any seasoned ground beef (tacos, meat loaf), chocolate, sweets, and dairy. I can tolerate fresh fruits and veggies pretty well, but beans are a huge problem.

Anyone else?


  • Cheyenne
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    So far, none that I know of
    I completed treatment a little over 5 weeks ago and so far I haven't found anything that I can't eat. 11 days after treatment ended we went to Destin, Florida for a week with the whole family. (24 of us in a 10 bedroom house. It was great!) I had fried oysters, steamed oysters, chili spaghetti, hot wings, beer, wine, chocolate, hamburgers. I have also had tacos since completing treatment. I eat yogurt every day and I eat cheese so dairy hasn't been an issue. Corn on the cob is the only thing so far that might have caused a minor problem but it wasn't bad enough that I wouldn't eat it again. I just wouldn't want to eat it every day.
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    The things that cause me difficulties are anything with seeds (such as kiwi, strawberries, etc.), nuts, corn. However, I found out after my colonoscopy two years ago that I have diverticulosis and the foods I have listed above are ones that can cause problems. So, in my case, I'm not sure if I can blame any of that on the cancer and/or treatment. Any other foods are fair game for me!
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    Disagreeable Foods
    I am 3 1/2 years post treatment. I can eat anything without having issues. Chocolate can be a laxative for some people. Dairy products can also upset your digestive system. Fruits and certain veggies high in fiber can cause issues. Again this all depends on each person. At first I could not eat much fuit as it would give me diarrhea. I am fine with all fruits now.
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    I can tolerate just about anything, now. Immediately following treatment, I had a few problems. Today super high fiber foods, like legumes, I eat in small quanities.

    I choose to eat super clean making organic fresh vegetables, some fruits and organic grass fed beef, wild-caught cold water fish or wild game my staples. Some seeds and nuts. Avocado. Sardines almost daily. Limited dairy that includes organic eggs, plain lowfat Greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese and buttermilk. I get my carbohydrates from all of the vegetables and a little fruit. I use regular coconut oil to pan saute 'stuff' and virgin coconut oil in my coffee. Some olive oil.

    I have completely eliminated flour, gluten and sugar (including - ugh- artificial which is the WORST.) And I consume a huge amount of white and green tea daily.

    I can tell you my thinking is clear, I don't have any cravings, no digestive problems, my arthritis in my left knee is GONE and I KNOW that my body is getting the nutrients it needs to fight disease. Recent bloodwork shows my LDL cholesterol is way down on the low side of normal, my HDL is on the high side of normal which is ideal and triglycerides are normal. My total cholesterol is sitting at a beautiful 178. That wasn't the case before cancer and before I changed my diet drastically.

    To me, it's well worth it. I love super fresh, clean eating. Not that I enjoy a little pasta or a beer or ice cream from time to time. But now my body tells me "What did you do to me???" I basically feel 'drugged' after that kind of consumption so I really limit those.

    "You can't medicate yourself out of what you've behaved yourself into."

    "Healthcare reform starts in YOUR own kitchen."

    "Chemo and radiation may win the battle, but optimal health wins the war."

    "THERE SHE GOES!!!!" . . .I know, I've gotten on my soap box, again. But until we start being an advocate for our own good health by realizing it begins in our own kitchens and then ACT upon that understanding by changes our eating habits ~~~ and choosing doctors who exemplify good health themselves and model that example to their patients and encourage healing through lifestyle changes rather than medicating . . . our health care system will never succeed.

    Ok. I'm done. The end. Sorry for the rant.
    Kinda. :):)

    Big, beautiful blessings to everybody.