Better evening

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Hi All

No new update as far as the surgery day and time. Still hoping that I'll hear it's on for Thursday. Onc only does surgery on Tue and Thur.

Today was quiet and very uneventful. Thank goodness. The only negative is the pain. I think the last hour or so is the first time since I woke up that I don't have really yucky pain. So far I've had three of the morphine pills. I so hate taking them, but I hate being in pain even more.

I might be repeating myself, but I can't say it enough.. You all are so amazing.
Every time I read one of your posts to me, I feel so much stronger. I hope you have some idea of how powerful your words are. Thank you thank you.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Tuesday. Happy hugs to you all..


  • jimwins
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    Hope the pain disappears
    Hi Lisha,

    I'm sorry you've been in pain and I hope today brings you
    a pain free experience and you get good news from your oncologist
    that they will be able to do the surgery Thursday and ultimately rid you
    of the hurt.

    Thanks for keeping us updated and hugs as always,

  • miss maggie
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    Dear Lisha,

    Some people have a high tolerance to pain. Not me. Since having a BMB in Oct 2009 my
    right hip has never been the same. MY right knee has always been a problem. I have
    no problem taking pain medication. I usually take the medication if going out. I take
    no medication when staying home. The doctor gave you this medication so you will be
    more comfortable. Why suffer. I am just sorry this has come to this.

    Hopefully you will hear from the doctor today. Hopefully removing this tumor will make
    you more comfortable.

    First thing in the morning, I look for any news from you. I am glad at least you are
    feeling better mentally.

    By the way, I only take tylenol generic (can't purchase Tylenol anymore). the generic is
    just as good. Maybe every 2 weeks I will take 2 Aleve. I am a bit afraid of Aleve,
    and try to take less often.

    Thank you for posting as often as you do. Otherwise, unnecessary worry about you.

    Love and hugs. Love Maggie
  • allmost60
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    Uneventful is good!
    Hi Lisha,
    I'm glad your day was uneventful..(minus the pain of course), but at least you have strong meds to help out in that area. I'll be keeping all of my body parts crossed that you hear from your Onc today getting the go ahead for surgery tomorrow. Today is "Lizzy" day, so I'll be a busy Gramma chasing her around. Wish I could share her with you to help take your mind off of things! She's a hoot! I'm posting a new picture of her in a minute on my expression page. Look how much she's grown...amazing huh?!! Take care sweetie and know prayers and positive thoughts are coming to you from all over the country....from "Yakima Washington"...forsure!!!
    Love you...Sue