Far away friend just diagnosed

Hi everyone,

I got a call from my best friend in L.A. (I'm from Portland, OR) telling me she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the first person close to me who has been diagnosed. I want so much to support her, but I'm not sure how since I live so far away. I'm kind of an organizational control freak and it's difficult not being able to swoop in and take care of everything logistical so she only has to deal with the fight.

Here is what I have planned so far and what she has said yes to:

1. I'm flying down next week to give her hugs and snuggles and make food and do whatever is needed. (I've heard not to ask "what can I do", so I'll just see what needs to be done and then offer specific things...yes?
2. I'm flying down in three months when she has surgery to take care of her and her husband who will need a break or help with cooking, laundy, etc.
3. I've asked her for an email list with about 5 of her closest friends in LA so I can organize who will go to chemo with her, who will bring a meal that week, who will chip in for a housekeeper, etc.

Is there ANYTHING else I can do for her and her husband? I'll be sending her a card and/or letter each week and calling her each day. She is a very very private person and so SO modest. I'm very worried about this part during her treatment.

Any advice will be much appreciated.