Wilms and pregnancy

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Hi i'm 20 years old and i'm getting married in 11 days and am hoping to start a family in the near future I was diagnosed with a stage 4 wils tumor in my left kidney when I was 2 in 1994 that had spread to my lung and I had it removed along with a dime sized portion of my lung and revived chemo and radiation I went into remission when I was 7 and have been fine and normal ever since I wad just wondering how many other women went through this as well and if you had and easy or rough time getting pregnant or if you were unable I've always expected not to be able to have children but now I would really love some hope. Thank you:) Rachael


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    Wilms doesn't mean pregnancy is impossible
    Rachael, you can cheer yourself up by reading some earlier entries on this forum. I suggest you start by going to the thread called "Natural fertility options" which you'll find at


    There you can read about several ladies a lot older than you who survived Wilms, believed they couldn't have children, but then did.

    Have a super wedding and a long and happy life blessed with healthy, happy children!