If you have lost all your fat and padding in your behind and can't sit without pain please read this

Carol_M Member Posts: 1
I have a type of breast cancer that calcifies to my bones so I have it all over. I lost so much weight in my behind that sitting was terribly uncomfortable, even in an upholstered chairs. I knew I needed to do something and googles Butt Enhancer and a whole bunch of links came up. They are generally sold to women who want a fuller figure but I ordered a pair and they are comfortable and the "padding" is enough to elevate my spine off the seat (like having a real behind) I just received them last Wednesday and have been wearing them daily. The best part is that since wearing them I have had NO LOWER BACK PAIN AT ALL. None. And that used to be the very worst place for the pain. I am taking fewer pain pills, so my appetite has improved and my clothes fit better.

I am still amazed at how well they work - they have them for women and for men. I also checked and didn't find any prosthetic butts - so this seems the next best solution. I hope this helps someone and please let me know if you have any questions.