Welcome Whitney (whitneytheartist)

I'm posting this as a response/copy to Whitney (the artist) who
made her first post in response to the article I shared with everyone.
I thought it would be better to open a new thread to welcome her.


Hi Jim, Thank you so much for posting that wonderful article. Wow! I was diagnosed three weeks ago with Large B Cell Diffuse Mediastinal Lymphoma and started my first cycle of Chemo two weeks ago. Three weeks and a day ago I was completely young, strong and looking forward to a wonderful summer with my family. Life changed in a day!
Thanks again, Whitney


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    Hi Whitney and welcome. Sorry you have to be here but you will
    find wonderfully caring and supportive folks here without judgement.
    This is a great place to share/vent, ask questions, and find and offer support.

    Similar to you, I had Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (Mesentery with primary
    in the small intestine). I had surgery (small intestinve resection) and
    R-EPOCH chemotherapy. Please know that lymphoma is very treatable and
    DLBL is considered curable so there is plenty of hope!

    It would help everyone if you completed the "about me" section of your profile
    so pertinent information about you is in one place and easily referenced.
    You can learn more about others' journeys by clicking on their picture
    from a post or if your browser allows, right click on the picture
    and open in a new tab.

    I know you probably have questions and folks here will gladly share their
    experiences and support. Again, welcome to the group and we hope to hear
    from you. You'll be hearing from others shortly :).

    Wishing you peace, strength and the ability to laugh in the face of your enemy,

    DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)
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    Hi Whitney
    Hi Whitney,
    Just wanted to welcome you to the group! My diagnosis is different than yours, mine is Splenic Marginal Zone NHL. How are you doing with the treatment so far? Hope you are handling it well. Take care and sending you positive thoughts.

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    Welcome Whitney...
    Hi Whitney,
    Welcome to our group. I was diagnosed in June of 2010, and "yes"...your absolutely right.."Life changed in a day"!! With that being said...2 years later I am doing fine and filled with hope of having many many many more years of wonderful summers to be enjoyed with my family. Right now you feel lost and scared, but as each treatment passes, the fear will get less and less. I was diagnosed with Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA and I'm 61 years old. Hope you are doing ok with your treatments thus far. What chemo are you doing? I did 6 rounds of CVP-R(cyclophosphomide-Vincristine-Prednisone-Rituxan. Finished in Dec 2010 and then started a 2 year maint plan of Rituxan...1 infusion every other month. I have 4 infusions left and then will "watch and wait"....hopefully for many years!! :)You will find a wealth of information and tons of loving support from this wonderful group of people. Please come back and let us help you through your coming months of chemo...someone is almost always around to help out. Best wishes...Sue
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    Hi Whitney
    My husband was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, left tonsil, in January of this year. He had 3 rounds of R-CHOP, then a break, then 20 radiation treatments. His last one was on May 31st. He was able to continue working full time throughout treatment.
    He is feeling very good now. Our doctor tells us that this type of cancer responds very well to treatment. He could see that his tonsil looked completely normal after just one chemo infusion!!
    I will keep you in my prayers. Sending positive thoughts your way.
    Take care and keep in touch.