recurrent infections and excess fluid after total femoral replacement

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Hi, my name is Tracey and I'm from Kent in story is long as I expect can be said for alot of us! I'm 46 and after very successful limb salvage when I was 21 and 19 very healthy years with just a couple of revisions, at the age of 40 I developed a pseudomonas infection which has lead to 6 years of cnstant revisions, clean outs, and antibiotics. My last major surgery was to have a total femoral replacement for the second time. Mechanically I am great but my limb (left leg) seems unable to stop producing fluid and opening at weak points. I would really appreciate and feeback if any of you are living with chronic infection or a fluid problem in just the salvaged limb. Sorry to crash your American site but when i came across you you all seemed so helpful and supportive with each other. Many thanks Tracey


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    I've had fluid retention in my bilateral mastectomy. Several surgeries to clean out.  I also have pseudomonas infection and radiation on left breast.  Last time Dr. used Tisseal on the left breast and no fluid returntion.  Surgery was 3/29/16.  Worked for me but I don't know if they have the product in UK.