OT - anyone coming to The Rally? (Sturgis, SD)

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The Rally (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) starts Aug 3. Anyone coming? It's quite an 'adventure' and there are other areas that are more 'open' than Sturgis is today.

I live about 30 miles from Sturgis.

So anybody coming or have been to the Rally?

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    My nephew lives in Sturgis and works for Easy Rider/Harley....he has done all the shows there.. He's worked for them for quite a few years....his dad ran their security....he literally has been all over the country with them.....They asked him last year to move there...they have been renovating some type of bar/saloon for bike week....so hopefully it will be up and running....his name is Jason...you may run across him... lol

    Also one of my husband's brothers ( he had 7) was a biker his whole life...not the Hell's Angels type, he passed away 4 years ago at age 50, massive heart attack..bikers came from all over the east coast to attend his viewing and funeral in New Jersey...I've never seen anything like it...at one point the police had to direct traffic at the funeral home...there were 100 bikes in the parking lot...they attended the funeral the next day...then, what really blew us away, 16 bikers lead the funeral procession to the cemetery which was an hour and a half away in PA.(.family plot.)....they truly are a brotherhood!

    My nephew loves it there, says it's a beautiful place! Have fun!
    Hugs, Nancy