Zometa and B12 injection

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I know I havent been on here lately, been going thru so things. Every 6 months I go and receive Zometa via IV to help build up my bone dentisty that I lost from the treatment. And B12 to help build me back up. I am getting frustated everytime I receive the Zometa I am in pain afterwards (bones hurt, alot of loose stools etc). And the same with the B12. I finally am going to speak to a "natural" dr to see what else can be done.


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    Get a few opinions, see what tests they offer.

    I hope you find a great natural Dr who really helps you.

    I take a sublingual b12 each day , it's essential says my Dr.

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    I take b12. and have no side
    I take b12. and have no side effects from the pill
    how long do you endure the side effects of the zometa...