colcon cancer, ileostomy and now stents and nephrostomy tubes, anyone else have these issues

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I am a six year survivor of colon cancer. I have had my colon removed and have an permanent ileostomy and in the past few weeks, my kidneys started giving me problems and ended up with stents in each kidney. Well, wednesday I was scheduled for a simple exchage of my stents and then start my chemo. Well not so easy, my left stent has been changed and when they went to change my right stent, they could not get into my ureter, it seems there is a dense mass or something pushing on my ureter and blocking it and making my kidney swell up and not work. So after taking me out of the OR room and let me come out of the anestesia, it was time to head back into radiology to be anesthetized again and now they were going to put in a nephrostomy tube. So to make a long and short of it, I have a stent in my left kidney, a tube leading outside of my body in my right kidney and ileostomy bag. Got my chemo (am allergic to it so i have to stay overnight to get it), well getting ready to get out of this place and they inform me that I cannot leave because I have a defect in my nephrostomy tube, that it kinks up and twists on me and that want to replace it tomorrow morning, I am not having a good day. Has anyone had any of this type of stuff happen (not all at once and not as catastrophic as it happened to me. How do I take care of this nephrosotomy tube? Any help would be greatful.



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    Dear Sherrylee
    So sorry to hear of all the difficulties you have been having.

    I would expect your doctor, nurse or an ostomy nurse to direct you about the care of the new tube; however here is a site which gives some info on the process:

    Don't get turned off about the name of the web site. This page is informational only.

    Hope that things will be looking brighter for you soonest.

    Marie who loves kitties
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    Hi Sherrylee,

    I havent been on this site lately. But I am a Colorectal Cancer survivour stage 3. Was dignosed in 2009, went thru radiation, chemo, many, many surgeries since 2009. Had a temp ilescompty. Had a feeding tube, had a PICC line several times, C Diff. Have experience probelms with my kidneys also. Last yr had a tube in my left kidney coming out my back for months. I know have a stent in the right urterer because it was damaged from the radiaton. I have been doing the stent exchanged for awhile now. Not sure what the next step is, will find out more on the 19th of July. I have been trying to take cranberry pills. And now try to drink blueberry juice. I have also been told to take vit c. Dont give up. I know take Ditropan for bladder spasms, it helps. Do get on the web and do research also.

    you are in my prayers and thoughts.