Cheryl Hutcherson (CherylHutch)

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Cheryl Hutcherson has been a member here for some time, but does not post regularly lately. She is from Vancover and has been very active in the Live Arts community there.

Christine Carlson posted the following today on FB:

Cheryl Hutcherson is in the hospital now with severe breathing problems. She is sedated so not in pain. Her family is with her.

Please add Cheryl to your growing list of folks who need prayers, good vibes and well wishes.

Marie who loves kitties


  • Sundanceh
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    Thx Marie
    Indeed, Marie...there never seems to be a shortage for those in need.

    I hope that she will get better - I've watched alot of severe breathing the past six-months from Bi-pap machines to is such a difficult thing to watch and I wish her the best in recovering from this.

    I woke up on a ventilator with my hands tied to the bed on my last surgery - I don't want that for anyone. I'm glad she is currently sedated, that makes it a little easier.

    Thank you for your message to the group.

  • PhillieG
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    Thank you Marie...
  • ketziah35
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    I will send her prayers.

    I will send her prayers.
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    Well wishes
    Cheryl, sending you good wishes! Hope to see you posting here soon.