Checking in!

Hi guys!

I've finished 5/7 chemo and 18/35 rads so far. Let me tell you, EVERYTHING has improved since I got my PEG. Not sleeping all day long, no sores on my tongue, mouth not quite do dry. I guess nutrition is pretty important.

Herbie the lump of death looks to be about 2/3 his original size. And no ill effects from radiation yet aside from some skin discoloration. Doc says no sign of burns in my throat. I'm on the fence as to how I feel about that but she seems to think its good.

I'm feeling guilty for not using my fluoride trays but I honestly can't stomach the idea of how that will feel. Hope I don't end up regretting it.

Hope everyone is doing well!



  • katenorwood
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    Sounding way better !
    It's good to hear things are moving ahead positively for you ! Continued success with treatments....good to hear from you ! Katie
  • CajunEagle
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    Don't worry about the Fluoride trays right now. That's for later when you're through with all this mess that you're going through. Just keep up with the Dental-Oral health aspects as best you can. In hindsite, I believe that if I'd changed toothbrushes, and got new ones more frequently during the last half of treatment, plus used things like paper/disposible cups, etc. that the Thrush problems would not have reared it's ugly head. In all of this, just do the best that you can. It's your "new" occupation, and probably the most important one you've ever had or ever will. No guilt is allowed, so go and kick Herbie in his lumps.

  • CivilMatt
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    good report
    Hi tuffenuff,

    You sound great. Hey, we are looking for a 2nd baseman for the softball team are you in.

    Looks like you are past the half way point, good job! Glad you are taking advantage of the PEG. Did you take advantage of all the good advice and get it taped, tied or clipped up? I wish I had thought of the clips, oh well, no do overs.

    Next time you tell me about Herbie, I want to hear that there is no trace of him, that he packed his bags and split.

    Try and get to the fluoride trays when you are able, but don’t worry about it to much. My radiation technicians always gave me (4) dental rolls to put in my mouth prior to the zap. The rolls are to help protect the teeth; how they work I do not know. Did you get any?

    Keep moving forward, you are flying now.


  • Skiffin16
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    Herbie...The Love Bump
    Keep kickin Herbies azz girl.....

    Sounds like you are not only doing are glowing with positive vibes woman....

    Do the flouride when you can, deal with what's most important short term...getting through Tx and maintaining that attitude.

  • phrannie51
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    Glad you checked in, I was wondering about you.... named your tumor...I'm just chuckling...

    Keep your skin lotioned and potioned, it always surprised me how much cooking my skin did on the weekends, when the rest of me felt like I was getting a repreive.

    Glad your tube is working well for you....can you believe I made it all thru rads and 3 chemos without having to use mine....4th chemo kicked my butt, and am now 100% dependent on my tube?? That came out of the blue! Yes, nutrician and hydration are our new religions.

    You're sounding to positive and upbeat...good for you, Cindy (I like calling you Cindy better than Tuffy...LOL)

  • boardwalkgirl
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    I was just thinking of you
    I was just thinking of you earlier today and wondering how you were doing. We are pretty close together on treatments. I am doing chemo every three weeks instead of weekly so I have one more round (2 days) on the 23rd and 24th and today was my 22nd radiation treatment so 13 more to go so we will be celebrating close together. I am glad you are doing well with the peg tube. I was dead set against having one put in but my doctor convinced me to do it before I started and I am glad I have it. I am still eating but I don't have the pressure to eat as much. I want to keep swallowing as long as I can. The fluoride trays can be tough, I get gaggy alot when taking them out but so far I have done them faithfully. I just spent $$$ on braces about a year ago and hated to ruin what I just fixed. I am so glad you are doing ok. We will be ringing that bell before you know it.