A meds change helped with stomach pain

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Just wanted to post about the last chemo. I told the Oncologist about the severe, doubled-over stomach pain I had the last time for about a week. She cut back one of the Decadron pills that I take for 3 days after the chemo and prescribed Prilosec. It really made a difference. No stomach pain at all! No, I don't feel great by any stretch but at least I can go to work and sit up straight.

Hoping this will help someone else too.

PS: I also started drinking coconut water the day of and the days after chemo to help hydrate like one on our sister suggested. That seemed to help too...its just that it tastes so bad to me. I mixed it with other stuff to get it down. NO...MsGebby...I didn't mix it with Vodka THIS TIME :-)


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    So glad..
    Glad you've found relief from the stomach pain...

    Hugs, Nancy
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    Stomach pain gone
    So glad to hear your pain is gone! I also tried the coconut water but could not stand the smell when I got it to my nose so I could not drink it! Glad you can and are able to hydrate!
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    MAJW said:

    So glad..
    Glad you've found relief from the stomach pain...

    Hugs, Nancy

    Very glad that your pain is
    Very glad that your pain is much better!

    Hugs, Leeza
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    It's so wonderful that your
    It's so wonderful that your doc listened and helped you find a solution. Keep hydrating!


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    I'm happy you're feeling better and you now have the solution to your problem. May you continue to walk on the path of full and quick recovery. :)