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I read your post and just wanted you to know how happy I am that your husband is still cancer free. That is wonderful.
I am sorry to report that the VA has done NOTHING to help any of us with regards to EC. I have other friends on this site and other sites trying to get EC listed as a presumptive cancer for agent orange but so far the word is no.I would like to appeakl as in November I was denied again.

I don't know what else to do as I don't think there are enough of us with the proof that EC was caused by agent orange. Our government doesn't care about the Afganistan and Iraqi vets coming home so Vietnam is WAY WAY down on their list.

I wish I could be of better help. The only thing that I can tell you is find the VA congressman in your state and write to him. Write your govenor and go to your local VA with records of your husbands cancer.

Altho since your hubby is still here and NED they may not even look at him. Its worth a try tho.

Don't give up. If you ever want to talk you can call me at 706-897-4056



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    Thank you for your reply. I had hopes that their might be enough EC patients who served in Vietnam and a class action suit might be in the works. I am sorry your husband did not have as good results as my husband did. You are in my prayers.