PET scan

My Oncologist did a PET Scan. Lots of bright red lymph nodes. Today I freaked out on him because he told me he would have to take the node from my abdoman, which would put me off my feet for wo weeks. He then told me the bright red nodes might just be an infection. Is he just feeding me crap to calm me down or is there something to this?


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    I am no Dr. I wonder why he just doesn't try some antibiotics before cutting on you. John
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    Hi suzanc and welcome to the site. Sorry you have to be here but
    you'll find lots of caring and supportive folks here.

    As many suggest here, you might want to get a second opinion.
    It would help us all if you could provide more info in the "about me" section
    of your profile.

    I'm not a doctor but I think a PET scan shows metabolic activity at the cell
    level and this "lights up" on the scan. There can be false positives as a result
    of inflammation and/or infection. Interpretation is usually done by the radiologist(s).

    One search result on PET scans

    Again, it would help if you provide more info (about me). Have you had a
    cancer diagnosis and or any treatment? Regarding the node from the abdomen, I assume
    they want to get samples for biopsy. There are many ways this can be done that
    don't involve major surgery or "down time" so you might want to discuss that also.

    Hoping this is all just infection/inflammation.

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

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