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I know its been quite awhile since I posted but I do read the discussions from time to time. I have found another site which is for 'ostimates' & the discussions really help.
So to update its been 5 months since my ostomy surgery & while its been a roller coaster for the most part not too bad. Doc says takes 6-8 months to adjust....& boy is there lots to adjust to! On the plus side: no more arse pain like I had from radiation, no having to always look for a bathrm when out & about (if I can even go out!). On the negative side: praying my pouch don't leak, watching what I eat more closely & drinking plenty, getting use to how 'Miss Thing' (yes I named her!! haha) looks-acts-sounds. I'm slowly getting a routine when to change the 'appliance'. The worse so far is when Miss Thing has a fit & spits all over (probably from something I ate she didn't like!). Yes I'm crazy but I've spent many days in the beginning being depressed over this major life change. Well I should say I still have my down days but I'm learning to laugh more & enjoy life again.
So far my doc feels I'm cancer-free. I'll go in Aug. for my 6 mo. check up, ct scans, blood work....you know all that fun stuff. (but sorry no more colonoscopy for me!! heehee) I feel very blessed with my awesome caring supportive medical team.
My hubby has been an amazing support & care-giver. He helped care for my 'wounds' when I got home from the hospital. He can change my appliance for me no problem. He's seen Miss Thing spit up & didn't flinch (but I cried!). This whole journey has turned our lives upsidedown but we're closer then ever except our sex life is still non-existant! arrgg! But hubby's very patient & believes that'll get better in time too. And I know that inspite of it all I'm very blessed.


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    ms thing
    I like the fact the fact you named her, You are lucky to have a great hubby and to be cancer free. I know I need to look to the positive aspects , which are sometimeshard to see.

    Best wishes,
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    God bless you for handling your situation so very well! While you have had lots of adjustments to make and probably are still working on a few more, it sounds like you are doing well. I'm very proud of you!! I'm glad you have your husband's full support--he sounds like a great guy. I wish you all the best on your upcoming scans and tests. May everything come back showing you are cancer-free! Please let us know when you get the results.
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    Glad you checked in. Have wondered how you were doing. I hope your check up goes well and you continue to be cancer free!!!!

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    Thanks for posting. I know your journey has had its ups and downs but it's good to know you are now cancer free. I am scheduled for the "let's find some cancer" tests (we are at the one year date August 15 last tx). I feel better than I have in years,but have some issues, as we all do. Most are posted here and it's nice to know I'm not alone.
    Good luck. I am so glad you have your husband. Mine is here still too and our relationship is more "real" than it was, for better or for worse. I would love to feel sexual but I'm just not there. It's going to take a while.
    Thanks again for checking in. I know from your post even if they do find something in the great search, it's not the end of the world.