Thanks for being over weight

Hi: To all cancer patients that has lost a lot of weight and muscles.When I began my treatment in Dec. 2000 I weighted in at 265 lb could bench press over 330 lbs.But when Cancer finished with it's diet plan. I was now only 131lbs, without any muscles. Thanks to my weight and the Lord I survived. Today after 12 years I finally weight 148lbs can only bench 120lbs JERRY


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    How tall are you? Great story of survival! Thanks for sharing and congratulations.
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    That's why doctors say "they
    That's why doctors say "they like their cancer patients round". Keep at it.
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    hwt said:

    That's why doctors say "they
    That's why doctors say "they like their cancer patients round". Keep at it.

    Yeap !
    Hello !
    I had hip surgery before they found my c. Put on around 30 lbs, not being able to get around or exercise. Dropped that and 10 more. Doctors aren't concerned yet, more concerned that when not in treatment a person continues to lose. I'm glad you're doing well and back to lifting wts. Regards, Katie
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    Going in to my treatments I had extra weight as well...came thru chemo with a decent appetite, lost a few lbs. when rads started I went into it not wanting a PEG , my rad doc said so long as I kept my weight loss between 2-3 lbs per week, they preferred 2 , I would be ok and not need the PEG.While I lost my taste in about week 3 , I continued to eat whether I could tast of not, and added boost/ensure plus whey protein drinks. As my rad doc said said this wasn't the Jenny Craig weight loss center, all in all I lost 35-40 lbs , weight that should have come off any way, today I may have put maybe 5 lbs back on. Congrats on the 12 year mark..that is wonderful.

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    Sick Person Inside just needed to get rid of that 134# sick person insde you.

    Now that he's gone you sound to be on the right road again...