Back pain and very tight muscles 2nd week after open surgery

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I had an open surgery last Mon, the 25th. It was suppossed to be a HIPEC for ovarian cysts, but when they opened me up there was a lot more going on so they took an ovary, fallopian tube, and omentum. . They "think" it is PMP, but pathology is not 100% conclusive. I am going for a second opinion with a PMP specialist in CA next Tues. I had a great first week recovering at the hospital for just 4 days, but this week my lower back muscles are in knots and killing me, and now I feel like I have a kink in my back/left side. It almost feels like a pinched nerve. It also hurts a bit under my ribs when I take deep breaths. Otherwise all is good. Are these things normal, or could I have tumors in my back or something??? Anyone have anything similar happen after surgery?? Thanks!


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    Hey Kale, I had a radical
    Hey Kale, I had a radical open hysterectomy in Dec 09 for UPSC. I was home five days after surgery with do complaints...til I started moving around more and slacked off the pain pills! There is a lot of cutting of nerver, muscles,tissues ect. which brings on the scar tissue. I am 26 months out of chemo and almost three years out of two surgeries and I have aches and pains all over, especially in my lower back. Adhesions, were organs.tissue grow together all cause a lot of pain. My mother had to have her female organs surgely removed because some of them had grown to her spine(adhesions). Hope you feel better soon! Best, debrajo
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    Back pain
    I also had an open surgery and had a lot of back pain as I recovered...I think I was probably using my back to compensate for my weak abdominal muscles. In the beginning, it really helped to have someone rub my back, and as I got stronger, I did some yoga stretches (child, cobra, cat, and cow - you can google a picture to get the idea). I hope you have a quick recovery and start feeling better soon.