How do bad Endocrinologists get certified/ venting! let it out!!!!!

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In my 15 years of dealing with endo's, i have came across only two good ones who listen and know what is wrong and why, then treat it. they both are of course not covered by my cheap insurance. i am stuck with idiots. yes i am cancer free but that does not mean everyday i dont suffer. i have failed classes at school ruining my college gpa (accounting major)!
i have almost no thyroid hormone in my body and 200mcg and all my endo's did was say i take my meds wrong, and he sent me back to my primary and ordered an ultrasound to check for cancer. geee that did nothing. big waste of time and money. why doesn't the government take care of the quality of medical care than the quantity of coverage. for now on i treat myself, no more wasting money i dont have, and no more insurance that is a waste too. while big business profits i suffer and slave for nothing. time to go all natural and use my money on natural medicines than relying on this **** system and there UN-qualified doctors. maybe raise my pills, or **** cytomel, or even a different thyroid treatment, i beg doctors do something instead of nothing and saying "just wait be patient". 15 years of waiting and nothing!
thanks for listening all.
One Love,


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    Reading posts like yours, Steph, I am glad I live in England, and we have our National Health Service. Whilst some of our medical staff are not top of the tree (the best ones seem to get jobs in other countries), we can call upon the resources needed to deal with our medical problems, without having to worry about insurance levels and treatment costs. I have had three operations in the past year, plus RAI treatment, plus regular contact with both the surgeon and the oncologist, and have had perfect care and medication.