Bone Cancer from CRC Mets

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if anybody else has experienced a bone tumour (recently discovered in my left shoulder) mets from Stage 4 (colon,liver,lungs) Was very painful until controlled by drugs and now about to start daily radiation treatment. I believe its uncommon for bone tumours originating from colon cancer, rather its common from lung cancer. Not sure what surgery would be involved. Seeing Radiation ONC on Wednesday. This new bone tumour is now in addition to having heart problems and Stage 4 CRC since Apr 09.

Best wishes everyone.



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    Bone mets
    I don't have the same picture as my spread is into my pelvis though recent scan suggests it is now eroding the pelvic bone. This is a more common picture and there are a few on this sites with mets to the sacrum. Distant mets to bone do occur but as you say are rare. The difficulty with bonoe mets is often pain so radiotherpay is often effective inshrinking the met and reducing the pain. Surgery is ultimately the curative treatment. I assume you have had a long list of chemos for your cancer already.

    I hpoe others here are able to reply with more insightful responses and hoipe your treatments go well. This is a good place for people with rarer presentations to gather and support each other, so thank you for joining us.

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    I have mets showing in my
    I have mets showing in my Pet CT in my spine..
    But I have no symptoms of them..
    I also have a spot in a Rib but they don't know if that is cancer there as I had an accident and an incident that occured recently where I heard my rib pop.. that may have been a crack.. but they aren't too overly concerned yet about the spine.. My lungs are more important
    And I had thyroid cancer previously and that treatment is know to breakdown the bones as well as DepoProvera which I took for about 15 years.. so don't really know if this is really colon till someone orders a biopsy
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    Metastatic bone mets from CRC does happen. Several on this board and also the Colon Club have experienced bone mets. While it is not a very common occurrence it is not uncommon at all.

    Since my George has not experienced bone mets I can't address treatments for the same but it is my understanding radiation is the treatment given.

    Go to the search box and put in bone mets and you perhaps some discussions will come up.

    Take care - Tina
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    I have bone mets
    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry to hear your news. I am glad you are getting pain relief now and are starting radiation.

    Yes, it is relatively rare but as you can see, some of us do have bone mets. I have multiple bone mets in my spine and pelvis. Luckily, I had zero symptoms for about 18 months. Now I have a bit of pain in my left hip. I am also being treated with pain medication and some radiation (just to two spots so far).

    Wishing you all the best -- especially pain relief.