hi everyone

i hope everyone is feeling ok. i have a question for anyone that has state insurance do you ever feel like you sre treated diffrent, as an example about 4 weeeks ago i was at the cancer center for over 3 hours which was there fault and then someone else came in and had been there fo about 30 minu and her clothes said money, they gave her cafiteria tickets i was'nt hungry it just made me feel bad, like i was'nt good enough


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    Hi Denise
    Hi Denise,
    I also have state insurance but until now I haven't had a bad experience with it. Before when I didn't have any insurance I did get the brush off or that look that makes you very uncomfortable (like how are you going to pay for it lady)! I go to Texas Oncology and I just have to say that they are the nicest people I have ever met (Thank God)!
    Hopefully you wont feel like that anymore, maybe if you talk to them you can change the way you're feeling and hopefully they can also start treating you differently. Take care of yourself, sending you warm hugs and positive thoughts!

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    State Insurance
    Hi Denise,
    I'm so sorry you had to experience such an uncomfortable feeling at your cancer clinic. I am not on State Insurance, but I have also waited extra time than what was necessary and at times was made to feel like I was nothing more than an account# on a piece of paper. Many folks at my clinic are on state assistance, and so far I have not seen bias in how they were treated. If Obama gets re-elected I think you will see the private insured will be outnumbered by the government insured,which should end any disrespect state insured people may be feeling. The numbers of government controlled patients will be unbelievable. I just pray folks like myself will be able to keep the good insurance and doctors we have and not be overcharged and forced to deal with the government takeover of medical care. Having someone in Washington decide what treatments are deemed necessary for me, is just too scary for words. Those decisions should be left to the patient and doctor...in my humble opinion. You might want to talk to the head of HR at your clinic and air your feelings. They need to treat EVERYONE that walks through their door with the same respect. Take care sweetie and let us know how things go for you. Much love...Sue
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    So Sorry Denise
    I know what you mean about feeling like you are being pushed aside. I have felt that way myself at times and I have insurance. I have been pushed aside for people that government pets. I am putting it nicely.You know what I mean I think. We all should be treated the same,but it does not work that way.There is no democracy any longer. Socialism is now running our country. Anyone that has been brain washed in thinking OBAMA-Care is good and going to help people like us should re think what they are saying and thinking. If anything it will make things more difficult for us. Lets see how long this post survives before it is reported as offensive. I do not feel this is offensive at all since we are talking about our medical future coverage. Another right of freedom of speech is gone as well. John