Gastrectomy + Whipple after colectomy

I know it's a long shot...but has anyone out there had to have a gastrectomy and a Whipple following a colectomy? My husband already deals with the short gut issues from the colectomy (with J-pouch and ileoanal reanastamosis). We worry about the long term consequences of removing so much from the gut.

He is 38 with FAP. They have found low grade dysplasia on his gastric polyps (he has hundreds), and an additional adenoma on his "ampullary area" after endoscopic ampullectomy.

He's had multiple admissions for dehydration and kidney injuries with a "simple" GI virus.

We are looking for long term results, or just someone else who has had to deal with this.



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    No personal experience
    Your situation is rare and there isn't anyone immediately cmoing back with any personal experience so I thought I would point you towards a recent article in MArch this year that looked at people having both ops done at the same time- it mainly focuses on immediate complications and isn't entirely the same as your situation as they have pancreactomies as well but is the closest thing I could find to a relevant paper in the journals-

    link is:

    Also a case study of a 72 year old who had both done:

    Hope this is helpful,
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    Whipple is used for pacreactic cancer ... to my knowledge as I was just reading about it for a friend of mine.. they didn't wind up having whipple procedure as unfortunately once they got inside there was just really nothing that was going to help them... However it usually has to do with rerouting the intestines as the tumors have wrapped around organs needed for digestion.
    I work with a guy who had a gastrectomy done about a year and 1/2 ago and is doing really great.. but he doesn't have a colostomy or any other conditions.. he had stomach cancer and they removed his stomach completely.. and he is feeling great today..

    I am sending your husband prayers and energy and peace.
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    i recommend whipple procedure!
    Hi! I am so glad to have found your post. My husband also has FAP and had the same surgeries as your husband when he was 15 years old. He just turned 30 and recently had whipple procedure aug 3, 2012 for ampullary adenomas. He was diagnosed in february and within 3 mths it went from 1 adenoma to multiple. They also preformed an ampullectomy and it was unsuccessful. The biopsies came bac with no dysplasia but they said they recommended whipple for long term benefit. The surgeon said he could wait 6 months if he wanted but we insisted on getting it done asap. Thank god we did! After whipple his biopsies came back as high grade dysplacia. So within 2 mths it went from pre cancerous to one step away from invasive cancer!! I guess with FAP the cells metastasis very quicly. He is post whipple now and still not back to his "normal" self. It is a tough surgery and will be a long recovery. He is back at work and doing ok. He is back to a regular diet. He is on pain meds and going to pain management to eventually wean him off. He hasgood and bad days. I still think this is the best option though over treatment for invasive cancer. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going. It has been so hard to find someone else going through the same thing. Good luck to both of you.