What do you do when not sick enough to put in assisted living, but need help and can't afford it?

so frustrated
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My sister has ovarian cancer, that has spread to the brain. She has one surgery and may need cyberknife in the future. She has been staying with my sister, who has been unemployed and able to take care of her up to now. But the sister with cancer (never married) has always been self centered and argumentative, and is more so now. She has not appreciated anything that we have done for her, never a thank you, only what we have done wrong. Needless to say, this has put my other sister in a depression, and she has a chance for a full time job which she needs desparately.
Our problem is that we have to move her back to her condo, but does anyone know where we can get help and someone to check on her, without costing too much. She is on long term disability which just covers her expenses. Neither my other sister or I are financially able to help. She is not bad enough for assisted living, but not well enough to left totally alone.
Does anyone has any suggestions?


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    Hospice may be alot of help to your family...at least talk to your sisters doctors and explain the situation, and see if the doctor sees fit hospice may be in order. If nothing else most cancer centers have social workers you can talk to. They were a huge help to me and my family while my dad was battling stomach cancer. I don't know what I would have done without them. I hope this helps

    Dad diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer in Feb 2010.Passed Sept 20, 2011
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    Check with your sister's doctor to see if she might qualify for a visiting nurse. The hospitals often have a social worker who can give you ideas. Cancer centers often have social workers, too. They may be able to help you with a plan for care. Also, does your area have have government social services? I don't know how old she is but sometimes the Area Agency on Aging can work with you. Good luck.
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    There is always help out there. Alot of good info under ovarian cancers and help on internet. Please don't take your sisters attitude to heart. Hospice may be an option, talk to her doctor....there are rules he has to consider. Also pull in a social worker either at clinic or county your in. Also is she on SS ? She certainly qualifies. Thinking of you all and good luck ! Katie