Wanted to say hello and vent

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Have been trying to figure out my life since all this has happened, I find it extremely hard to stay positive, I fight every morning to put a smile on my face and bounce out of bed to face the day. I am slowly getting my energy back, bathroom issue are still a problem, I still cry some days I just want my life back! I am thankful I can vent here with y'all I know I will not be judged. My husband has been extremely patient with me but gets tired of not going and doing like we use to. I thank god everyday that he is with me and helping me push through this. I know things will get better and I must be patient, on a up side I pray that all you guys are doing great and that god continues to heal each and everyone, thanks for listening. Hugs, Denise.


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    Hi Denise!
    I am so sorry that you are struggling emotionally, but hope it will make you feel somewhat better to know that a lot of us have struggled too. I am nearly 4 years out of treatment and I still have days when I am angry at having to have gone through this and about how it has changed my life. Some days I just can not get into doing anything. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it did in the beginning, so please don't get discouraged--time is a great healer. I'm glad your husband is being supportive and understanding. I know you just want your life back--it will happen, believe me, it will. Better days lie ahead. For now, just know that it's okay to have these feelings, to cry, vent or whatever. Thanks for thinking of all of us and keeping us in your prayers. I will keep you in mine for sure.
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    Please know that what you are feeling is normal! What ever you feel, go ahead and feel it, good, bad or otherwise. If you feel that these feelings are "controlling" your actions, it may be depression. It doesn't mean you can't deal with things, or aren't coping, it means your body and mind have been to heck and back and have been fighting and fighting. Your entire system is "depressed" from being over worked. I struggled as you are and have been greatly helped with anti-depressants. They don't alter how you feel, they don't squelch your feelings, they just help your system cope better. We are all so lucky to have each other and to know we can come here and be lifted when we need it.

    Prayers to you,
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    Life after cancer
    Martha and Joanne are so right. For me, it all improved over the course of a year with the help of antidepressants, exercise and a clean, healthy (mostly plant based) diet. I am also working with a holistic MD who has a wealth of experience in hormonal imbalances and have discovered that many, many of my symptoms now are due to my hormones being way out of whack, beginning with my thyroid. So you might want to locate an expert in that area when you are up to it. Blessings upon blessings to you.
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    Your post helped me. Thanks. I get exactly where you are. We have a lot of "accepting to do" that's for sure. I haven't tried antidepressants yet but am there. The "fight or flight" response is way over the top for me these days. I am totally whacko sometimes. I have never had mood swings in my life like I have lately. I have been "not well" for so long. We just took a trip and I was really aware of how fatigued I am and how hard it is to travel. Luckily I had no serious bathroom issues this time. I was very careful with my food choices. This helps a lot. No corn, wheat and very little starch at all. No cabbage or broccoli but green leafy vegies are fine for me and I eat lots of them. Fish and leafy vegetables are the best choices for me. I stay away from red sauces when I travel also. Keep posting. Don't worry. We understand!