Denture fit and swelling....

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Hey everyone !
Was wondering if first anyone having issues with this. Granted Dentures are very new in my world (3 months) But some days the teeth fit mint...but when my lyphedema is worse, they either make me gag...and hurt...and on days that swelling is down they slide around and have to use the gookie stuff to keep them in place. Don't want a refit until lymphedema is either well in check or gone. I would love to get back to chewing my food rather than gumming it....or drinking it ! Also, how do I get that gookie stuff off my gums once I remove the teeth ? I usually drink hot coffee to disolve the ****. I know sounds like not such a big deal in the scheme of what others are enduring....but any advice would be very welcome ! Also wearing my teeth to me is a big deal...kinda tired of looking way older than I am, would be a morale booster big time ! Regards, Katie


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    YES, having same issues
    Hi Kate,
    YES, I am having same issues with my new dentures..although I wore upper dentures for years, I needed new ones top and bottom. I am also having days that they fit fine and days they are so tight they hurt. It is definitely due to the swelling. But when the swelling down, mine fit great (without any adhesive). My new dentist is my cousin and they did a great job making the dentures, but we can't overcome the lymphedema.

    If you haven't already, look on the Superthread for the massages to do for the lymphedema.
    They do help... I just don't do them enough.

    TIP: once you take the dentures out, use a DRY paper towel or paper napkin, or even a washcloth to rub the adhesive off of your gums. I've done that for years...but must be dry to create some friction so that the glue releases. hope that helps.
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    I thought about getting new dentures
    before I started treatment, but after talking to a couple people on here, I changed my mind. Mine are now too big because of weight loss, plus they are worn out...I don't know what kind of adhesive you're using. I use Fixodent, and the stuff sticks only to the teeth, not my gums, once it's set also seems to cushion them, so they aren't so hard (which hurts me). During radiation, when I had to take them out everyday, I only had to use the stuff once a week, leave it on my dentures and put them back in at the end of rads....and tho they are a little loser, they still were cushioned and fit reasonably well. This of course, with a liquid diet...I'd have to be using the stuff a lot more on the bottom if I was actually eating.

    I don't know if this helps, because you've only had them for 3 months...gums toughen up with time...not a whole lot, but some. If there are rough spots in them, I sanded mine down with my Dremel in places...just be careful to do it a little at a time.