New to this... I'm 24 and my husband was diagnosed with Iris melanoma (might be in the ciliary body)

(sorry this is a little long)

I am 24, and my husband (also 24) My husband is an amazing guy, my high school sweetheart (been married for about 6 years) we have no kids (waiting to get school over with), but we do have furbabies, and we have our whole life ahead of us. He is currently going through some tests for Iris melanoma (possibly Ciliary cancer). It started with a regular optometrist visit in May (in Texas).

We go to a optometrist every year (since my husband had cataract surgery when he was about a year old). This time (in the same eye he had surgery in) our optometrist noticited a small (tear or cyst in the Iris). He refered us to a specialist (to see what it was) and he (after doing a sonogram) told us it was most likely Iris Melanoma, but that it was very rare and it did not look usual, everything changed.

Because of the rare case, he had to refer us to a different specialist, but things are a bit conplicated. a few months before this, our work let us know what the center we worked for was closing (where we both work), and that we had to choose between loosing our job or transfering out of state, because of the insurance we had to transfer. Thankfully one of the specialists that they could possibly refered us to was in Denver, about an hour away from our new place in Colorado.

We had to leave everything behind, including family and friends. Since we've been here we've had another more detailed sonogram (the technician did not get to make any of it, it showed a rare mass, nothing she had seen before, but sadly it came back showing not only a mass but cysts, and possible ciliary cancer.

I am really scared, we have no family near us (about 13 hours away) and June 13th they are took some of the mass out (to see if they can find something esle). I try to act like things are ok, and wish I could do more. It's scary hearing doctors not knowing, and even hearing that they are going to make him a case study or a special project. Has anyone here maybe had any situations that are similar?