Good news?

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Just got off the phone a bit ago with the NP I saw two weeks ago for my 6-month checkup. She's the one who ordered the pet scan and for whatever reason did not phone me. I have already posted all this. She asked if I received my onc's email and I asked rather coldly, which one? She said she had forwarded the results and the doctor emailed me. I said yes I waited for a week and then emailed the doctor who in turn emailed me the results. It seemed to go over her head that I was a little miffed. Oh well.

She said they are giving me an option to try Tamoxifen or the chemo I took prior to debulking surgery. I asked how I could make a decision like that and she said the doctor wants me to think it over and I can discuss it with her in person if I like.

She reitereated that the surgeon does not want to do surgery and I asked is that because he does not feel it is necessary or? She said yes the tumor is so small compared to what I had initially. My CA 125 was over 9700 before initial surgery and now is 46. She said the surgeon is recommending Tamoxifen and I told her I would be very comfortable following his recommendation. I have a lot of faith in him.

So I will get an appointment for some time the week of July 16th since my onc is on vacation. I asked if she had any idea when treatment would begin and she said if I opt for the pill I could start that day and if I opt for chemo I could also start that week.

I feel very relieved as does my family; I just hope it is warranted.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Without all of you this journey would be intolerable.



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    Hey Karen, that Tamoxifen is
    Hey Karen, that Tamoxifen is good stuff! My mother took it for five years for breast cancer instead of radiation and chemo(she had the radical mastsectomy with lymph nodes remover)and she is a 26 YEAR survivor(shes 86 1/2 years old)! She never had one side affect from the tamoxifen either and felt great! Hope it works as well for you...what's a couple of pills a day compaired to what you have been through! Prayers and the best of good luck, best, debrajo
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    Sounds good to me!
    Several things sound very, very good: the fact that your tumor is so small that you don't need surgery, the fact that you have confidence in your surgeon's judgment, and the fact that you can start your treatment within a couple of weeks. Also, getting your drug via a pill sounds so much less scary than traditional chemo. I imagine that you will be able to take your pill at home, lounging in front of the TV if you want, instead of being hooked up to an IV at a different location.

    I feel very relieved for you too. Sending you good thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey!

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    Karen, you sound so much better! I may be taking the same thing this summer, as I desparately need a chemo break. Let us know how it goes.
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    Good news for you. I'm glad
    Good news for you. I'm glad and hope it keeps you safe and clears the cancer once again! Kim