Who has had a recurrence outside the abdominal area, while at the same time having a normal CA-125?

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My CA-125 on May 21 was 14.1. However, needle biopsy of the node in my neck indicates suspicion of recurrence. My dr. (medical oncologist) is puzzled since my CA-125 remains normal. It has been normal for close to a year now. He also says it's unusual for the recurrence to be outside of the abdominal area.

Just how reliable is the CA-125? The gyn. oncologist who did my surgery last year does not use it at all. He did not even do one before my surgery.

I'm just scared and confused. Mostly scared. I will have the node surgically remved sometimes after the 6th. (the surgeon ENT) is on vacation this week, so they could not get me in to see him before then.

I just wish I could get a trip on this fear.




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    Lymph nodes
    Laundry Queen has often mentioned that it is not uncommon for a patient's CA-125 to remain normal if there is a recurrance that is confined to the lymph nodes. I hope your surgery goes well and that you find some peace in the meantime.