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I wanted to send this post as reply to William's post "Stent is not a magic of bullet"
But due to some reason it did not went through. So I am sending a new post here

This time I am writing to tell more about daddy's condition and all his case history. So that it make easy for you people here to see clear facts;
He had swallowing problem and feel blocked throat so we consulted GIT.
Dr suggested Barium Swallow test, which showed blockage in esophagus. and then daddy's endoscopic biopsy was done. Biopsy report was "Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma" and through this report we got the worst news of cancer.
Then Dr advised CT scan, CT scan report states that "abnormal thickening of gastroesopheghal extension. This extension involve proximal stomach, involving cardiac end, lesser curve and the posterior wall of body. There is evidence of multiple perigastric lymph nodes."
After this scan report checked by oncologist, ranked cancer as T3N1M0 and he further referred us to Thoracic surgeon, Surgeon said OK we will operate to remove his tumor. But before going to surgery please get his heart and lungs tested.
At that stage daddy's ECG and Echo was done. In which his heart showed Ejection Fraction 35%.
We reverted to surgeon with daddy's ECHO report, surgeon said, sorry we cannot perform surgery his heart is too weak to sustain a surgery. (daddy had heart attack in 2003)
Surgeon sent us back to oncologist, Oncologist then said sorry we cannot do anything as his heart is weak. He further added that surgery was the only treatment that we could offer, but as he cannot sustain surgery, so better you take your daddy to home, and in next few days visit a gastrointologist he will perform an endoscopy to find out whether daddy can have stent? dilation?

2-Physical condition: apparently daddy's condition is as follows;
i)He has got a bit weaker, with some weight loss.
ii) His skin got tanned mildly
iii) he can walk, but feels mild pain in his body
iv) he is taking liquids/ semi liquids (juices, custard, milkshake, etc)
v) No bowel/urinating problem
vi) No dizziness
vii) walks and sits with us, have gossips
viii) mentally sound

3-any other medical problem:
He does not have any other problem, neither diabetic nor hypertensive

So this i provided maximum information as per my mind to give detail. if anyone of you have any question please ask me so that I can get guidance/solutions from you all.

My question:
Q-1) why doctor said that daddy cannot sustain chemotherapy / radiotherapy / surgery
Q-2) what should I do if all/any of above treatments cannot be done. I cannot see my daddy getting down and down without any treatment. Though we cannot increase his life but I want to give quality life
Q-3) how his condition will go day by day, and which problems will occur and where will I need to go for treatments
Q-4) what is best I can do for him to bring comfort to his life
Q-5) should we go for surgery as one doctor completely refused but other is willing to take a risk but it will be a risk, RISK of heart failure

I will not hesitate to thank you people giving me and guiding and replying to my every post.
May God bless you all, I think you are here doing a job more than a doctor.
Love you all



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    Hospice if comfort is all you seek...
    The discussion of hospice is new territory for us. We have not had to take that step yet, but when nothing else can be done, I hear they are wonderful with pain management and any other issues. William sent me some fabulous links that will be very helpful to us. I believe they are under the "Opting out of Chemo" thread. Does your father know about his illness, yet? I hope you find some comfort here. I can't believe all the knowledge and wisdom this group has!! If I have questions, I usually start here.



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