True Story and HOPE

Hello everybody,

My Father, resident of India, has been a target of this beast (EC of GE Junction) stage T3N1M0 dx-05/05/2011,
Line of treatment- MIE, 3 cycles of chemotherapy (Cisplatin, 5FU and Taxotere)
(Last cycle completed on 11th August 2011)

Regular follow up PET scans showed NED until the last scan which was done on 14/04/2012 in which it showed some activity in two nodules of lungs and one celiac node.
After examining him physically and knowing how good he is feeling, showing no symptoms whatsoever, our oncologist concluded that the mild activity in two nodes of lungs and one celiac node that showed up on the scan could be mean anything and is not so alarming as yet, therefore they did not term it a reoccurance and has advised us to wait and watch for another 3 months.

He has been feeling fine and as fit as ever, except in his mind where the thought of uncertainity of whats going on inside his body haunts him.
He is due another scan on 14th July 2012. lets see what the reports of that has to offer to us. Till then fingers crossed ...

I would like to share with you all, my experience of hearing a true story and meeting with another cancer patient that bought immense pleasure and HOPE.
I came across a person whose husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer Stage IV on 16th August 2010.
He didnt have any symptoms what so ever except One- where one fine morning, there was saliva oozing out from one corner of his mouth and he was slurring. He was immediately taken to the hospital.
Doctors anticipated that it could be neurological disorder so advised him for a MRI Scan.
Scan findings showed- 12 tumours in his body, mets to Brain, lungs, liver and Bones.
the doctors where taken aback and appalled looking at his reports and were trying to gather courage to burst the news to his family.
Eventually, news reached his family and they decided against revealing it to the patient.
The patient being very literate concluded from all commotion happening at the hospital that something is fishy.. and within 2 days he went into trauma his body was half paralysed.

The doctors recommended chemotherapy as that was the only option available for him and said he has hardly one more month to live.
However,the family decided against making him undergo chemotherapy and radiation considering the side effects and the torture it would cause him.
In the mean time his daughter, residing in USA (whose not a doctor)had began her research by writing to numerous doctors and reading day and night.
She landed in India 10 days after hearing about the diagnosis with a bag full of medicines (suppliments), She put him on the following meds:

1) Amigdalina B17 (NovoDalin)
2) Apricot Super B15
3) Apricot Power- Mega Enzyme
3) Dry Apricot seeds
3) Dr Raths suppliments- ProLysinC, Vitacor Plus

Within 10 days of consuming the above pills, his cancer cell count was decreased substantially
Almost after 22 months of consuming the pills he has become close to normal and his scans have been showing unbelievable results till date.
His tumours have disappeared and has come down from 12 (at the time of diagnosis) to only 3 and that too diminished in size.

Those meds have done miracle to him and his family and they are thankful to God.
He is now living a comfortable life, driving, eating well, doing his yoga etc. etc.
I was indeed bewildered and pleased knowing about his line of treatment.

So, My Question to you all is-

Has anybody tried the above pills?
Has it done any good or bad for our EC Patients?
What are the Vital Suppliments or antioxidants should I include in my Dad's prescription?
What is a Good Diet that could help?
Also i have heard that cancer cells feed on this true?

I would really appreciate if you can answer the above questions.

Wishing Good health to all
God Bless...