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I saw your post ona link that had been started along time ago and wanted to start a new link for you I understand you are 20 years old and taking care of your dear mother who is in her 50's and she was just diagnosed with stage 3 PPC. I am glad you found our site as you will find out lots of info and tips and loving support on this site. Feel free to repost your story on this link as others may have missed it in that old Peritoneal Cancer link. We also now have a Peritoneal Cancer board if you would like to join that as well. Many PPC patients also post on this site as PPC is treated like ovarian cancer.
You are so young to be dealing with your mother's illness. It sounds like you do not have a lot of other support. My heart breaks for you. I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a hug or better yet come help you.
I was diagnosed with PPC stage 3 in the fall of 2010. I had chemo and surgery and a 9 month remission and now I am on chemo again. I know you said your mother is having trouble with fluid. I would think that if they started the chemo the fluid would get better but I am not aware of all the conditions that the Drs.are. I dont know where you are getting treatment but try to see a gyn oncologist.
Feel free to come to this site and ask your questions. We are not doctors but we have had some experience with the chemos etc.
You are never alone....you have US! Hope things get better real soon.