Gleason 9 after 2 yrs HRT, Brachy therapy, and of focused beam radiation

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Just call me, "Bud" Male, 63, 5' 10", 240 pounds

January 2010 - the family doctor noted that while my psa was only 4.5, the ratio to the free psa indicated there might be a problem.

Biopsy in March 2010 - 4+5 Gleason stage 9 Began Lupron therapy immediately. Full body scan was negative. About the biopsy, it hurt like hell! Then, the doctors just walked out of the room leaving me with a bloody butt. I washed myself off in the sink as best I could and dried with paper towels.

Mid May 2010 - began 5-weeks of daily focused beam radiation. Meanwhile, about Memorial Day my wife (60) was diagnosed with c-diff and hospitalized a week in isolation. I personally believe that she picked it up at the cancer clinic. every day I had radiation treatment 7 am in the morning, then sit with the wife (wearing gown & latex gloves)for an hour, then go to work at my office job. Back to the hospital sitting with the wife in the evening until ten pm.

July 4th 2010 - Wife back in the hospital four days with c-diff. Same routine for me.

Friday August 13th 2010 - Radiation Seeds implanted
September 17th 2010 - Wife hospitalized yet again with c-diff. She is still being treated by Chief of Gastroenterology and may yet need colostomy.

Continued Lupron therapy every four months for a full two years.
I have suffered all of the side-effects promised including one embarrassing horrendous diarrhea in the bathroom at work before I could get my pants and situated on the stool Thankfully, I had a cellphone so I called a friend to bring me clothes from home (wife was home too weak to work). When I told the oncologist he lost his temper yelling, "THAT WAS ON THE RELEASE YOU SIGNED, AND EVERY BROCHURE I GAVE YOU!" Then he slammed the office door as he left.

I eat when I am depressed and have gone from 240 to 320.

One exception to the side effects. With foreplay, I have been able to achieve enough of an erection (maybe 2/3rds)to please the wife once a week (her schedule anyway) throughout the two-years of Lupron. The Urologist says its nothing to worry about as my PSA and testosterone have been zero through the treatment. I don't orgasm, but I am so glad to have the ability to please her.

November 2011 - While the wife was ok with it, only could achieve half of an erection. Family doc gave me Cialis for Friday night. Now, practically no foreplay necessary. :-)
Also in November 2011, my 54-year old oncologist committed suicide by slicing his throat one evening while sitting in a lawn chair outside his home.
January 2012 - my urologist moved his practice out of town. So, I finished the treatment with a new oncologist and a new urologist. More of a psychological blow than you might expect.

February 27, 2012 - Last (hopefully)Lupron treatment. I have a little fuzz returning on my chest and erection getting firmer. Still no orgasm.
Future - Urologist says to have the psa checked every six months. If it rises he will put me back on Lupron. He says, "Something else will kill you first."

The doctors are still hedging on whether I will ever be able to orgasm. Anyone have experience to share with me on


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    Cancer is scary
    Everyone has different ways to handle stress. Looks like yours is eating. You never mentioned your PSA readings. Hard to guess what is going on with no info. I think that the difficulty with sex might be two fold. RP is definetly a problem, but weighing 320 pounds might be the main problem. If you eat when depressed, why not eat vegetable snacks? Exercise is a definite call. You had better start walking and then exercising when your stamina is better. Cancer can kill you, but being depressed, eating excessively, and having no physical outlets just makes it all worse. You need to decide if you want to live or die. You want to live you had better start exercising and change your diet.
    You are the only one who can change this picture. You do not change you will not be in the picture much longer.
    See a doctor for seeing if you are suffering from depressio

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    Fighting cancer is rough, prostate cancer sucks big time. There is depression that sets in. My main objective was to get the cancer taken care of, I was informed about the side effects and had to make a decison. Now for me sex was an issue, but cancer was a way bigger issue. I have been active in changing my life style and diet big time. You have to take care of yourself. Now I had the robotic surgery and the ed issues are there, but I am thankfull for the time being that this cancer is being treated. It is hard for people to control weight, but in fighting cancer this is very important. There are a lot of good doctors out there that can work with you on your health problems. Most urologists can hook you up with these doctors. Sorry to hear about your wife. Stay focused on taking care of yourself. Donot let this cancer win keep fighting. Sorry for going on about this

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    hey Bud welcome and sorry
    hey Bud welcome and sorry you had to come. To start, if I was in your shoes I think I would have slit your oncologists throat way before he did himself in. First thing I would do is find a new team to treat you. Your urologist also should be slapped for treating you that way. Where are you located? I would be happy to look into some good doctors for you from a referral source I have. Next thing, more people with PC die from heart disease than PC. You need to worry about that. Sudden weight gain of 30% of you prior body weight is dangerous. Start walking for stress and get on a heart healthy diet, it will help. Good luck and both your doctors actually did you a favor by getting out of your life.
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    Depression is a tough part of the fight

    I'm 55 and just recieved my diagnosis and Gleason of 9. I can relate to the depression and stress eating as I've been in that boat even before my PCa came along. But I have found that a balanced, satisfying, nutrional daily regimen can help satisfy your nutritional and emotional needs, as well as keep your body strong for treatments.

    I've been thru a lot medically the past 18 months and I've found that by going from 330 lbs to the current 280 has helped me a lot. I'm losing weight each week at a good sensible pace. Prior to that, the more I ate to deal with the depression, the more depressed I became. It was just a vicious cycle. But then the light came on and I realized that I was just putting all those pizzas and other stuff to my head and pulling the trigger like a game of Russian roulette. I now know that to battle disease, you have to do your best to make your body able to fight.

    I've had great success with the South Beach program. It's not a "diet" in my opinion but rather a lifestyle food change. The first 2 weeks is somewhat restrictive, but after that it widens choices quite a bit. I'm never hungry and I feel stronger, even with my recent diagnosis. I honestly believe that if I can get more of the weight off with sound nutrition, it will help me along with the treatments I'm facing.

    Cancer of any kind is a terrible thing. We will all have days of depression and just want to yell. I know I do. But I'm not going to do my best to stay strong.

    If I can be of any assistance or lend an ear, feel free.

    God bless and keep fighting!

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    Im ten years cancer free = HRT should be an option for patients.

    Does anyone know if it is an option to choose HRT post ten years prostate cancer. If it is, how does one find a dcotor that allows this?

    I have been more depressed not having energy, being depressed and not having a sexual appitite than having my initial diagnosis ten years ago. Simply no quality of life. Is there a support group for this or a list of doctors that are compassionate to my issues?

    Thank you