he has T3N1M0 with heart ET 35%

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My daddy's cancer has been staged as T3N1M0. Oncologist suggested to operate and remove his tumor. Then he suggested some tests before undergoing the surgery, and every effort went to end when his heart's ECHO shows ET 35%. Yesterday dr said if with this heart condition we go for surgery he will die right on the operation table, his heart is so weak.
Then we ask that what if we go for chemotherapy, he said no sorry at the age of 73, with this stage of cancer chemo will not work. or may be we will loose him after even single cycle of chemotherapy.
In other words he said that we are on a stage where no cure is possible.
Daddy can swallow only liquids. juices etc. So the doctor said go and plan to put stent enabling him to take his diet as long as possible.
We lost all the hopes. and if we tell him (daddy) that has this beast in him, and with this critical stage, we know he will lost his hope and will power. Therefore we did not tell him about his disease. I know, we know this is rather unfair. But we do not want to give him mental stress.
Can someone please tell me that how the stent is put and is it painful?
I hope above information clearly states his cancer stage, now please tell me how will his condition and health go day by day? we want to prepare ourselves that what we are going to see.. we do not want to see him in pain. He is so sweet, kind and humble...No no we do not want to loose him.
We want to make every effort for his comfort and ease till his last breath



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    Don't lose hope!
    Please don't lose hope. Do research, find other options, then tell him the truth. You can't fight this battle blindfolded!! I haven't heard anything good about stents, but then again, everyone reacts differently. Have you gotten a second opinion? There are many things you can do to slow down the cancer. Diet, vitamins, excersise... but don't give up!

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    tomorrow my husband is getting his second stent. they put the first one in in April. It enabled him to eat some and swallow and drink. Eventually the bottom end of the stent irritated his stomach enough that they are going to put in another which is longer. The doctor thinks the irritation is cancerous cells, no big surprise. But giving him these extra days will enable him to prepare for his death in a good way and will give our children time to grieve with him as well.
    This is so hard, but past a certain point there is not much that doctors can do about this cancer.