Esophageal Dilitation

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Just had procedure #2........Swallow test showed about 1/2cm before procedure....

I could barely choke down mashed potatoes before and am hoping to show improvement this time.......Goal according to my ENT is close to 3cm..(that sure seems like alot)

I am dealing with Trismus so my mouth doesn't open very wide.......Gums and inside of my mouth are so bruised and sore on the right side I can't even wear my dentures.....

Hoping it eases soon.



  • longtermsurvivor
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    a cheeseburger would be nice
    that is something you and I could agree on. Hope things go better for you. I read your bio and it looks like you've had it rough. Nutrition is an important thing. If this esophageal problem isn't solved soon, they should consider you for a PEG tube. You would feel so much better if you could get your calories up. I'm four months out from my second trip through rads. Just went back on a liquid diet for awhile as my mouth got so sore trying to eat I'm giving myself some time off of solid food. Are you working on the jaw opening? I was no more than 20 mm a month ago. Thats so darned small that everything gets smeared all over your lips when you try to eat. Now I'm up to 28mm. Tongue blades twice a day is making progress for me.

    What is the cause of the bruising?