dr visit update

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hey semi's.
well went to dr thursday and he was pleased with my weight loss and everything is looking good.
i go back in 3 mohths for a stress test and than i can start to work out.
for fyi i had congestive heart failure in march and i am doing well now so far.

never,ever give up!!


  • idlehunters
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    Great news Bruce!
    Thanks for keeping us in good news that delivers hope. You take care

  • Doc_Hawk
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    Mostly awesome news!
    All except for the CHF. Glad to hear that you're recovering fine and planning on an exercise regime. Can you talk to my onc about letting me drop some pounds? He keeps getting on my case when I tell him I want to lose 10 pounds.
  • Annabelle41415
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    That is really great news. Keep up the great work on weight loss as that can help your heart also - but you already know that. Proud of you.

  • ron50
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    glad to hear it Bruce
    I was suspected of congestive heart failure five or so years ago. My legs and ankles were swollen but I passed the stress test with flying coloours thats when they found my kidneys were leaking protein. They still are, cant seem to convince my nephrologist that I don't have kidney disease but may have a diseased kidney. I was told a couple of weeks back that all the steroids they had me on have tipped me over into type two diabetes. What the heck I may as well survive everthing. Best of luck to you mate,keep on keeping on,Ron.
  • steved
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    Great news
    I think I remember you from my early days on this board (we joined at similar times back in 2004)- see your friends also list some old names that used to be great supports. Whatever happened to spongebob, scouty and 2bhealed (I appreciate such questions are prone to prompting sad news on a site like this but remember them being a hugely supportive part of my initial period of diagnosis and treatment).

    Great news about your health in general. A good reminder to us all that we aren't just fighting cancer but fighting for good all round health. We can become a bit cancer obsessed and neglect some of the other aspects of our well being.

    Agree about never giving up - I haven't yet and its been a long road!