Like A Fly I'm Back...Update Last Doc Visit, B_12 jump start session

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I started by B-12 Last Thursday for the next 5 weeks, first week is going better, The reason I am Writing i was given a new Drug, ask the Doctors for a any new updates pills or strengths, they are continuously advancing the drugs we are using, so don't get stuck on the same old same ole..remember we've gone threw hell and back...we deserve any help to to get our lives together again..we are survivors...I was having a non sleeping night up 6-8, bathroom etc, bathroom , bathroom. i was worn out when i woke up. Ask Doc Good Body for Lorazepam..the old sleeping drug zolpidem did nothing, I tak e one to two every night..I'm out, sleeping up to 10 hours up twice, I feel like i went on Vacation this week, I even started walking at the walking trail, the mood swing is alot better as well, I am not a Doctor, just passing on to those that have that sleep pattern that sucks, or constant feeling of peeing at a all day long watermelon eating contest, ask for them...I am finally sleeping like lamb...Take Care All. Dennis, I will finish with my last B-12 shots.


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    good rest

    Glad to hear you have more energy and are sleeping better. Sleeping for me has been a refuge through these terrible times. At first when my mind would race the Lorazapam worked delightfully well to induce sleep. Don’t know much about B12 other than people claim it juices them up.

    Sleep well,

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    Don't know how I would have gotten along without the Lorazepam! For others experiencing sleep issues, I suggest trying it.
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    Sleeping...wonderful sleep
    So glad you found a way to sleep..hard to quiet our racing thoughts. Hopefully the B12 works to help with the energy issues. Keep us posted, I intend on asking about this one myself. Blood panels should show if I need the boost or not. I like the fly reference..made me laugh, thanks ! Katie
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    What a Difference
    Very good to hear you're sleeping better. I keep saying I'm gonna start taking B supplements - just never get around to it. Lucky for me, I don't have sleep issues