First routine cat scan post surgery after 6 mnths

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Hi guys,
I have not been posting here since dads surgery but have been keepin an eye on all da posts ...
Well dad scan was schedule for 19 th and the scan came out clear of any signs of reoccurrence ...I have had many sleepless night.
Just thinking abt the scan I have read,reoccurrence is common in esophageal cancer in the forum far so good ...
Next scan is after 6 months routine check up is after 2 months .,.guys please pray for us and all who have had to face this beast


  • BMGky
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    Glad he got a clear scan!
    Glad he got a clear scan! You've seen EC members write of scanxiety. It is truly real. No matter how many clear ones you get, each scan's results mean so much. Continued good luck on his recovery. BMGky
  • Ginny_B
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    Clear is good! Clear is gooooooood!
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  • JReed
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    Yay for dad!
    Good job - keep it up. You all are always in our prayers.

    Judy & Don
  • sham81
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    Thx u guys for u good feels good to post here on da forum
    Because I can post my heart out....I can't share all my anxiety and fears
    With no one.....I read it on a ec's member page "life is not a party we expected,
    But let's dance as long as we are here". So true....thx u guys once again for your