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Well I feel a bit "stupid". I have posted in the past about how my tongue turns black and my GP Doctor didn't seem concerned that I was becoming a Chow (dog breed with a black tongue). Well yesterday I saw my ENT and he told me the name of the condition is "Black Hairy Tongue". This can be caused by several things (dry mouth is a huge contributor) including poor dental hygine (sp?), antibiotics, coffee and using peroxide mouth rinse with dry mouth. Well DUUUH, I've been using peroxide rinse to help break up the mucus and when I got black tongue I would use it to try and get rid of the crap. They think it is caused by yeast or a fungus. Good news is that it isn't a serious problem and brushing the tongue and/or using a tongue scraper will help get rid of it. Lots of info on the web.

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    add on from web md
    The name -- black hairy tongue -- may sound scary, but the condition is actually harmless. Black hairy tongue is caused by bacteria or fungi in the mouth, which make the tongue appear black and hairy. It's easily remedied by good old-fashioned oral hygiene.
    What Causes Black Hairy Tongue?

    A black hairy tongue is caused by too much bacteria or yeast growth in the mouth. The bacteria build up on tiny rounded projections called papillae. These lie along the surface of the tongue. Instead of shedding as they normally do, the papillae start to grow and lengthen, creating hair-like projections. They can grow to 15 times their normal length.

    Normally, the papillae are pinkish-white. But as they grow, pigments from food, drinks, and possibly the bacteria or yeast themselves get caught in the papillae, dyeing the tongue a color. Most often that color is black, hence the name. But the tongue can also turn brown, yellow, green, or a variety of other colors.

    Certain lifestyle habits and conditions can make people more likely to develop black hairy tongue. They include:

    poor oral hygiene
    smoking tobacco
    drinking a lot of coffee or tea
    using antibiotics (which may disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in the mouth)
    being dehydrated
    taking medications that contain the chemical bismuth (such as Pepto-Bismol for upset stomach)
    not producing enough saliva
    regularly using mouthwash that contains peroxide, witch hazel, or menthol
    getting radiation therapy to the head and neck
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    black what

    My first post I mentioned having “Black Tongue” (and you answered) and still have it to a degree. I was informed by my dental hygienist about the peroxide (long ago) so that is out. I brush my teeth and tongue 4 times a day so poor dental hygiene is out. I do drink coffee, that must be it. I’ve got “Mocha Tongue”. It kind of sounds cool, but I don’t think it will catch on.


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    Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...
    You should have paid closer attention to this post a few months ago, LOL....

    Black Tongue

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    Who would have guessed. At
    Who would have guessed. At least it isn't anything serious.