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I'm 20 years old and a rising senior in college. I just found out my mom has lung cancer and I'm confused to what stage she is in. So couple years ago my mom had ovarian cancer and it was stage 1. The doctors did surgery and removed it but apparently a little bit got away, and the lung cancer my mom has now matches exactly with the ovarian cancer she had 4 years ago. Her right lung has 15 nodules with the largest being 2.5 cm in width and left lung has 20 nodules with her largest one being 2.7 cm in width. The rest of the nodules are relatively small. She did CT scan and her lymph nodes, liver, kidney, and everything is clear but the doctor recommends chemo because there is a chance that more of the cancer cells from ovarian cancer has spread to other places in her body but just haven't grown yet. But my uncle called and he's OBGYN and he said that is Stage IV ? And I'm not sure what that means because she took blood tests and they were negative and the only tumors are located in the lungs, nowhere else.

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    Do you know what type of
    Do you know what type of ovarian cancer she had?
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    It is called stage 4 because
    It is called stage 4 because it is in the lung. So basically it is her ovarian cancer which was the original offender that has now grown in her lung. So it is not typical lung cancer, but stage 4 ovarian cancer. Hope that helps.