first treatment

had my first treatment of retuxat on . yesterday its not only for cancer but also to bring up platelett counte, i have 3 more to go once a week and then i see my onc and have blood draws tuesday, he has made a statement that mabey i have an immune sydtem desise i don,t know if i should wai mt on him to find out or call my pc. my onc said if the retuxab did't work there is something else he can try. mabey the sct is Gods way of anwsering the maricle i have been praying for. blessings denise


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    Hi Denise,
    Rituxan appears to be a pretty good form of treatment on many levels. Sounds like your doctor is keeping on top of things with you. Be sure to write down questions that pop into your head, like the immune disease your doctor was talking about, as this will help when you forget whats been said to you. If it is an immune diesease, there should be a name for it, which I'm sure your Onc can identify for you. I would call your Onc for questions you need answered, as he is the one treating the cancer. Take care, and keep us informed. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    I am sure you were tired the rest of the day after your rituxan treatment. That is normal. I found I was still a little tired the next day as well. Did you have any kind of reaction to the rituxan? Most people don't,but a few do like chills,burning in nose,etc.If that would happen they would slow the drip down and gradually speed it back up. Keep us informed as to what is going on. Remember to write down anything you want to ask the Dr. at your next visit. Do NOT depend on your memory to remember.Waiting to hear how things are going as you progress. John