re my pain...again

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thank you all so much for the support and advice....i start cyberknife next week for the tumor in my ab. wall, thank goodness, after the ct and pet scans, i was a candidate for it!!! dr. says that when that is gone, so will the pain!! ohhhh i cant wait to start, then back on chemo to mop up the small spots that are still there!! again i cannot tell you guys how much your kind words and advice helped me!! you all are GREAT!!! since we are most all on the chemo bus i know whats in store and will keep everyone posted!!!god bless!!! and thank you guys again!!! Tommy


  • thingy45
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    Good news that you are a candidate for the cyberknife. Pain is holding back healing, so lets hope then that your pain is gone.
    Prayers and speedy recovering and healing light is being send your way,
    Hugs, Marjan