The mug came...TraciInLA

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I had a wonderful suprise when I came home today....the 1 year Cancerversay mug that Traci was kind enough to hand down to me. Not only did she send the mug, but a super sweet card along with Trader Joes Truffle brownie mix, hot cocoa (Ghirardelli's) and a Topping grinder concoction of sugar, chocolate and coffee beans (also Trader Joes). I'm in heaven!

I don't have a Trader Joes near me, so I'm super excited to make the brownies. I hear they are the absolute best. Guess I'll start my diet next week~

Such perfect timing, had my mamogram last week and it was all clear - now I can really celebrate. PET scan in August - gut feeling it will be clear also.

Thank you soooo much Traci - You are the absolute best. A big toast with my mug to all of my pinks!

Hugs! Debi


  • camul
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    Congratulations on your clear 1 year mammo. That was always such a great feeling. I am sure your pet will be clear also, because you have a gut feeling and I have learned to listen to gut feelings.

    Enjoy the mug, what a great idea that Linda had, it will be fun to see who gets it next year!

    Hugs and prayers,
  • Frankie Shannon
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    What a wounder full surprise
    What a wounder full surprise congratulations on one year enjoy all that chocolate.
    Hugs Frankie